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Summer 2022


Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, cultural and linguistic diversity, transition, educator preparation, cultural consciousness


The following post hoc analysis examines cultural and/or linguistic information from a previous systematic literature review of 24 studies investigating demographic information, encounters, assists and suggestions of study participants enrolled in post-secondary education institutions with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The analysis and discussion of results appeal for the need to not only include and focus on diversity but to refocus on cultural consciousness. Implications and future directions for research and for educator preparation programs are proposed.


This is the Author Accepted Manuscript version of the article:

López, E. J., & Davis, M. T. (2022). Systematic literature review of experiences and supports for Students with ASD post hoc: Findings regarding diversity and implications for research and educator preparation. Teacher Education Journal of South Carolina, 13(2), 45-56.