The Greatest of These is Love-- Or is it Secure Attachment?

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In this study, we expect to find that marriage partners with more secure attachment styles are more likely to have positive views on marriage. We also predict that religiosity can be linked to a likelihood to get married and to positive attitudes toward marriage. These variables will be measured using an online survey containing scales such as the Central Religiosity Scale (Huber & Huber, 2012), and the Aspects of Marriage scale (Park & Rosen, 2013). Participants will access this survey through Qualtrics. The data will be analyzed using a 2X3 MANOVA with the 6 perspectives of marriage as the dependent variables. We expect to find that people who are securely attached and are high in religiosity may score significantly higher on the perspectives of marriage variables compared to other participants. We also expect people scoring higher on religious ideology and secure attachment to score lower on general attitudes toward marriage.


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