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Professionally employed as a chemist with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station on the Texas A&M campus, Samuel E. Asbury (1872-1962) was also interested in Texas history. He conducted extensive research about the state's past, particularly the Texas Revolution, corresponding widely and collecting historically important documents.

Correspondence, legal documents, newspaper clippings, and other published material related to Texas history make up the Samuel E. Asbury Papers. The bulk of the papers consist of typescript copies of correspondence and source documents produced and received by Asbury in the course of his historical research. Much of the research is related to the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas; particularly in-depth is material on the Goliad Massacre, Jonas Harrison, the Regulator-Moderator War, and John A. Williams.


Republic of Texas, Texas Revolution, Sources

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Asbury (Samuel E.) Papers, 1812-1949



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