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Henry Baumberger (born circa 1823) emigrated from Switzerland in 1855 and settled in San Antonio,Texas. He traveled with his wife, Anna Weiss Baumberger (circa 1822-1910), and their two daughters, Anna (born circa 1852) and Eliza (1854-1917). Henry and Anna lost three sons in infancy, but later had two additional children, Paulina (1858-1924) and Charles (1863-1948). Henry Baumberger worked as a teacher in Switzerland and, while he returned to teaching for a time in San Antonio, he was also engaged in other employment; at various times he was a merchant, beer garden owner, owner of a shipping business,San Antonio police officer, and city cart driver. Henry Baumberger died in San Antonio around 1883.

The collection contains letters written and received by Henry Baumberger. The letters written by Baumberger to friends and family in his native Switzerland describe his journey from Antwerp to Texas in 1855, including conditions on the Atlantic passage and the overland trip from Indianola to San Antonio; his impressions of San Antonio; economic conditions; his business activities; the impact of the American Civil War on his life; and family matters.


Henry Baumberger, Swiss Americans, correspondence

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Baumberger (Henry) Letters, 1856-1867



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