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A member of a family established in San Antonio in the 1700s, Placido Olivarri (1815-1894) was noted for his service to the Texan cause in 1835-1836, when he acted as a scout for Sam Houston and the Texan army. Placido Olivarri and his wife, Micaela Jimenes, were the parents of fourteen children. Family members owned city and ranch property and were involved in a numerous property transactions.

Financial documents, legal documents, notes, printed material, letters, and biographical material are part of the Olivarri family papers. Several individuals are documented, notably Placido Olivarri (1815-1894) and his wife Micaela Jimenes de Olivarri (1844-1917).


Olivarri Family, Placido Olivarri, Micaela Jimenes de Olivarri

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Olivarri Family Papers, 1856-1962



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