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Winter 2019


organizational citizenship, OCB, teacher evaluation, T-TESS


This paper argues that a path to increased OCB levels in schools may be forged via the use of the current professional teacher evaluation instrument utilized in the Texas public school system, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System, more commonly referred to as T-TESS (Texas Education Agency, 2016). We theorize that the use of the T-TESS to outline a process of formal instruction of the characteristics and implementation of OCB in schools for educators may result in a climate conducive to improved student outcomes. Specifically, Domains 1 (Planning), 3 (Learning Environment), and 4 (Professional Practices and Responsibilities) (Texas Education Agency, 2016) of the T-TESS may be leveraged as part of an overall plan incorporating OCB instruction to develop clear goals, outline the steps needed for educators to improve pedagogical performance, and by extension, enhance school climate and organizational outcomes.


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Krimbill, Elisabeth M.; Goess, Donald E.; and Escobedo, Patricia V. (2019) "Organizational Citizenship and Teacher Evaluation: Using the T-TESS to Promote OCB and Improve Student Outcomes," School Leadership Review: Vol. 14 : Iss. 1 , Article 2. Available at: