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Mindfulness, Meditation, Anxiety, Stress, Mindfulness Awareness


A quasi experimental study was conducted at a South West State University counseling program to investigate if using meditation techniques would lower levels of anxiety and create mindfulness attention awareness among counseling students enrolled in a counseling skills course, taught in a masters-level counseling program. A total of 29 students were recruited from three counseling skills courses, two of which were included in the treatment condition and one was designated as the control condition. Students in the treatment condition were instructed in one pointed breathing meditation and it was practiced for five minutes at the beginning of each class. The results indicated that, there was a significant reduction in anxiety in the treatment group; however, no significant changes in mindfulness were noted.


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Mayorga, M. G., de Vries, S. R., & Wardle, E. A. (2016). Mindfulness behavior and its effects on anxiety. Journal of Educational Psychology, 9(4), 1-7. Available on ERIC.

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