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water planning, water management, water policy, water research, water education


Three forums were held between February 2015 and November 2016, bringing together Texas water experts from business, industry, government, academia, research, and the investment community in impartially facilitated sessions to deter-mine ways to secure Texas’ water future through accelerating growth of infrastructure, technologies, research, education, and sustainable use. Consensus emerged after the first forum that Texas is approaching a water crisis reflecting matters of supply, allocation, and quality that demands immediate action to ensure water security and equitable access to this vital resource. Participant focus rested on new technology acceleration and investment, workforce education, research underway and desired by segments of the water sector, the water-energy-food nexus, outreach and public education, data management and access, water valuation, water security, and legal and regulatory frameworks. Participants also examined funding and partnership options for development of water treatment and supply infrastructure, water rights and allocation methods, aging infrastructure, and conservation, as well as the nearly ubiquitous fragmenting and compartmentalizing of just about everything having to do with water throughout the entire water sector. The forums generated and summarized a wealth of information that can be used by any party to make progress toward the goal of building a Texas water roadmap. This report summarizes the discussions and the path forward for securing Texas’ water resources.


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Rosen, R.A., R Mohtar, L.A. Cifuentes, S. Frayser, G. Hustvedt, W. Patrick, C. Ragland, S.V. Roberts, J.Vanegas, C. Wall, and J. Wall. 2017. The route to water security for Texas: The 2015–2016 Texas water roadmap forums. Texas Water Journal 8(1):116-123.