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Juana Dib, Mahyar Poets


Juana Dib (1924- 2015) was born in Salta, Argentina to Syrian parents who emigrated from Tumin, in the Hamah province. Dib produced a diwan that aligns with emigrant writing practices and examines the processes of cultural uprooting and loss of homeland. In and between the lines of her verses are expressions of immigration and memories yearning to recover culture, bridge continents, and trace family histories. The title of her collection Las doradas (1989) refers to the “The Hanging Poems” or “Suspended Odes” of Pre-Islamic poets hung in the Kaaba in Mecca and initiates the journey of a poetic voice that travels throughout the Levant regions, celebrating nature and offering homage to celebrated poets. Two poems in particular evidence the Dib’s exploration of her Arab heritage and tracing of family history.


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Palmer, M. (2021). Juana Dib, a Mahyar Poet. Academia Letters, Article 449.

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