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Computer-based learning, reading software programs, reading performance, technology, Starfall, ABCmouse, reading


Reading below grade level at the elementary level continues to be an ongoing nationwide trend in many schools. With an increasing amount of struggling readers and the rising use of educational technology, it is important for school systems to understand the effectiveness of various types of available technology applications to support student reading performance among struggling readers. With this in mind, school systems must know how to determine which technology applications are more effective for increasing student performance with reading. This study focused on two computer-based reading software programs that claim to aid in improving student reading performance, ABCmouse and Starfall. Participants included 20 second grade students who were randomly assigned to two comparison groups. Data from this technology-based intervention was collected and analyzed to determine which reading software programs had the greatest impact on student performance with reading.


Originally published in the Texas Association for Literacy Education Yearbook 2018, a publication of the Texas Association for Literacy Education.