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Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice explores the opportunities and challenges of moving the discussion about open educational resources (OER) beyond affordability to address structural inequities found throughout academia and scholarly publishing. OER have the potential to celebrate research done by marginalized populations in the context of their own communities, to amplify the voices of those who have the knowledge but have been excluded from formal prestige networks, and to engage students as co-creators of learning content that is relevant and respectful of their cultural contexts. Edited by academic librarians with experience advocating across campus, Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice takes a multidisciplinary approach and is filled with examples of the ways OER and open pedagogy can be used to support social justice in education. In five sections, it covers a wide range of topics from theoretical critiques to multidisciplinary examples of OER development in practice to examinations of institutional support for OER development. Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice offers something for everyone who advocates for open pedagogy and OER across campus, from librarians to teaching faculty to centers for teaching and learning. It demonstrates ways that open pedagogy--and especially practices that encourage students to participate in building or localizing OER--can provide a way to incorporate a wider range of perspectives into original research projects and add these crucial perspectives into the scholarly discourse.


Grotewold, K. S., Kohler, K. L., & Krimbill, E. M. (2022). Pay It Forward: Realizing The Promise of OER for the Next Generation of Learners. In Using open educational resources to promote social justice (pp. 79–107). Association of College and Research Libraries, Chicago.

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