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Spring 2020


We often hear of the massive boom in population experienced by various Northern cities during the Great Migration (1916-1960), where over 6 million African Americans would migrate across the country in search for better opportunities. What we do not often hear is how such migration affected the larger Southern cities. Such a seemingly important and relevant question deserves to be covered extensively. San Antonio, while a large city (and once the largest in Texas), has been left unexplored on this question, while other Texas cities like Houston are receiving some coverage on this topic. I want to begin answering this question by utilizing a collection of evidence to provide an informative report on the changing demographics of San Antonio’s “St. Paul Square district” from 1880-1920. This report will ultimately demonstrate that San Antonio's St. Paul Square district, much like some districts in Houston, was a hotspot for African American migration due to the various opportunities it provided.