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police stress, work environment, counseling support, job stress


Existing literature indicates that various factors affect police stress. This article uses data from the ‘Work and Family Services for Law Enforcement Personnel in the United States, 1995’ downloaded from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (‘ICPSR’) website. Respondents include 594 sworn police officers from 21 agencies in New York City. Using structural equation modeling, results indicate that sex, race, education, and tenure do not have a direct influence on total job stress, but have a direct impact on family discussion with co-workers, counseling support, and negative working environment. Rank has a direct impact on total job stress, negative working environment, and family discussion with co-workers. In addition, both negative working environment and counseling support directly impact police total job stress.

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Lily Chi-Fang Tsai, Claire Angelique R. I. Nolasco & Michael S. Vaughn (2018) Modeling job stress among police officers: interplay of work environment, counseling support, and family discussion with co-workers, Police Practice and Research, 19:3, 253-269, DOI: 10.1080/15614263.2017.1342091