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network firewalls; network access controls; firewall roles misconfiguration


Firewalls and network access controls play important roles in security control and protection. Those firewalls may create an incorrect sense or state of protection if they are improperly configured. One of the major configuration problems in firewalls is related to misconfiguration in the access control roles added to the firewall that will control network traffic. In this paper, we evaluated recent research trends and open challenges related to firewalls and access controls in general and misconfiguration problems in particular. With the recent advances in next-generation (NG) firewalls, firewall roles can be auto-generated based on networks and threats. Nonetheless, and due to the large number of roles in any medium to large networks, roles’ misconfiguration may occur for several reasons and will impact the performance of the firewall and overall network and protection efficiency.

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Alicea, M.; Alsmadi, I. Misconfiguration in Firewalls and Network Access Controls: Literature Review. Future Internet 2021, 13, 283.

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