Lesson 8: Streams and Rivers


Lesson 8: Streams and Rivers

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Lesson 8: Streams and Rivers

Lesson 8.0: Streams and Rivers Summary Overview

Lesson 8.1: Streams and Rivers Introduction, Part 1

Lesson 8.2: Streams and Rivers Introduction, Part 2

Lesson 8.3: Stream Parts

Lesson 8.4: Stream Ecosystems

Lesson 8.5: Stream Order

Lesson 8.6: Stream Water Quality

Lesson 8.7: Valuable Waters

Lesson 8.D: Definitions


Texas streams and rivers support diverse ecosystems that are dependent upon the size and flow of water. The healthiest streams and rivers are those with the least altered natural processes.


Water Resource Management

Learning Objectives

Streams and Rivers is the Aquatic Science STEM curriculum Lesson 8 that includes relevant science topics in 9 videos: What are the parts of a stream? How do they function together? What is the riparian zone? Why is it important to have plenty of plants growing alongside a stream? What is the floodplain? Are floods natural disasters? What is stream order? How can it help us understand the aquatic community living in a particular place? What can the presence or absence of aquatic invertebrates tell us about the health of a stream? How are plants and animals adapted to living in flowing water? How can rivers and streams be kept healthy? How are healthy streams valuable to people? What is the significance of the phrase, “everyone lives downstream from someone else?”

Lesson 8: Streams and Rivers