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The Texas A&M University System and Area 41 co-hosted with Texas A&M University-San Antonio the Resource Nexus: Water Forum. Centering on the WEF Nexus Initiative of Texas A&M University, the two-day event held November 17-18, 2015, in San Antonio, Texas, focused on expanding the scope of the Water, Energy, Food (WEF) Nexus dialogue. Topics included identifying and responding to local, state, national and global challenges and opportunities relative to water resources in research, education, outreach and policy implementation. Other topics included holistic solutions to water security in Texas, and engaging stakeholders at home and worldwide in dialogues that will lead to resolution and prevention of conflict over WEF Nexus-related resources. The National Science Foundation-supported Texas Research Coordination Network, RCN-CE3SAR served as an independent facilitator. There was consensus among participants on consequences of failure to educate decision makers and the public about nexus, changes needed in education systems, barriers to action, and benefits if action is taken.



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Water Resource Management


Mohtar, Rabi and Rudolph Rosen. 2015. Resource Nexus: Water, Energy, Food: Water Forum and Technology Roadmap. The Texas A&M University System, College Station, TX, 41p. [ISBN: 978-0-9986645-1-4]

This is part of the Texas Water Security Roadmap Series.

Resource Nexus: Water, Energy, Food: Water Forum and Technology Roadmap