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The Connecting Texas Water Data Workshop brought together experts representative of Texas’ water sectors to engage in the identification of critical water data needs and discuss the design of a data system that facilitates access to and use of water data in Texas. Participants worked in facilitated sessions to identify, describe, and list 1) who needs, 2) what data, 3) in what form, 4) to inform what decisions about water in Texas. They also worked to identify key data gaps in Texas water data, attributes of a comprehensive open access water data information system capable of informing water management decisions, and use cases or pilot projects illustrating the value of an open access, interoperable water data system. The ideal form of data system is envisioned as consisting of several integrated data hubs specialized by water sector, with incentives for people to add new data and share existing data through the hubs. There should be adequate funding to sustain the data system over time.



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Rosen, Rudolph A. and Susan V. Roberts. 2018. Connecting Texas Water Data Workshop: Building an Internet for Water. Institute for Water Resources Science and Technology, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, 87p.(ISBN-13: 978-0-9986645-4-5)

Connecting Texas Water Data Workshop: Building an Internet for Water