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Transition; learningdisabilities; LD; Summary ofperformance; SOP


Students with disabilities, including those with learning disabilities (LD) experience difficul-ties transitioning to post-school environments. A Summary of Performance (SOP) document,provided to students with disabilities during their final year of high school, may serve as aplatform for requesting access to services from post-secondary service providers and conse-quently improve students’success in adult life. However, a SOP portfolio may help specialeducators effectively bridge services offered in high school and post-secondary settings andensure smooth transition experiences for students with LD. This article outlines how specialeducators can use the SOP portfolio as part of comprehensive transition planning to helpengage students with LD in the SOP portfolio development process. A brief summary of theliterature surrounding the SOP and its use in transition planning is provided. In addition, ascenario is provided to illustrate guidance for SOP portfolio development and implementa-tion. Finally, conclusions are summarized.

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Mariya T. Davis & Julie D. Southward (2021) Summary of Performance Portfolio: Supporting Post-Secondary Transition for Students with Learning Disabilities, The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, DOI: 10.1080/00098655.2021.1891016