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This study examines the impact of an experiential learning course work component on teacher candidates’ perception of literacy knowledge, their perspective of a community-based literacy partnership, and their self-reported sense of general and personal teaching efficacy. Initial findings reveal there is growth in all areas of perception of literacy knowledge, with knowing how to assist a struggling reader with fluency and vocabulary skills being the greatest areas of gain. Findings indicate there is minimal change in the participants’ perspectives of the community-based literacy partnership. Finally, participants gained in the areas of general and teaching efficacy. Extant literature will be reviewed and implications for future practice will be explored.


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Garfield, T. & Pittman, R. T. (2017). The impact of experiential learning in literacy and teacher efficacy: A Study of SA Reads, The Texas Association for Literacy Education Yearbook: Literacy Alive and Well! Supporting Effective Literacy Instruction for All Learners, 4, 72-81.