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The purpose of this text, or should we say guide, is to help all students in English composition classes - whether stand-alone or coupled with reading courses - understand the connections and the cohesive aspect of reading and writing. The authors used their own years of teaching both reading and writing, for all levels in college, to explain concepts in a straightforward and clear manner for students. The goal is that this becomes a resource - a FREE resource – students can return to time and time again when they have questions or need a refresher even after their English composition course ends.


This open educational resource is part of the OERTX repository, and published as:

Warnick, E., Ramzinski, E., Vice, T. (2021). Cohesion: Uniting Reading and Writing! OERTX repository, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

If you would like to customize this work for your institution, there is an online editor available via the link above. It is published under the following license:

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Cohesion Uniting Reading and Writing!-1.pdf (703 kB)
Cohesion: Uniting Reading and Writing! Student Edition

Brainstorm_Cluster_Thesis_Roadmap_okGAYeq.docx (14 kB)
Brainstorm_Cluster_Thesis Roadmap

Concept_Map_Editable_Word_7ca9IO7.docx (41 kB)
Concept Map_Editable_Word

Formal_Outline_for_5_X4yY0H0.docx (14 kB)
Formal Outline for 5-Paragraph Essay

Suggested_search_ideas_for_editing_papers_7iHtkrA.docx (14 kB)
Suggested search ideas for editing papers

Cohesion Uniting Reading and Writing!.zip (3 kB)
Thin Common Cartridge Files