Stranger Things Psychology: Life Upside-Down


Stranger Things Psychology: Life Upside-Down


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Monsters of the Upside Down, beware!
Travis Langley (author of the acclaimed Batman and Psychology) returns with a group of expert contributors to explore these and other questions to shine a light on true human nature through the Netflix series and cultural phenomenon, Stranger Things.
When do feelings of grief, guilt, depression, fear, and isolation tear us down, and how do we transform them into hope, inspiration, forgiveness, acceptance, and motivation to do what's right? Growing up is hard enough without metaphors for the dangers that lurk in life's shadows springing to life in the form of monsters, villains, conspiracies, and enemy soldiers.

  • How do we navigate friendships to unite against bullying and its many forms?
  • What happens to missing persons' families or those once lost upon their return?
  • Can games and fantasy help us connect with others and make sense of real life?

Stranger Things Psychology: Life Upside Down descends into the dark side of adolescence to find the light on the other side of the ultimate coming-of-age story.
Contributors: Travis Adams * Jenna Busch * Shelly Clevenger * Erin Currie * Victor Dandridge Jr. * William Blake Erickson * Andrea Frantz * Larisa A. Garski * Wind Goodfriend * Vanessa Hintz * J. Scott Jordan * Greta Kaluzeviciute * Alex Langley * Kevin Lu * Harpreet Malla * Justine Mastin * Brittani Oliver Sillas-Navarro * Leandra Parris * Billy San Juan * Janina Scarlet * William Sharp * Benjamin A. Stover * Dawn Weatherford * Eric D. Wesselmann


‎ 9781684429097

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New York




Psychology faculty members Dawn Weatherford and William Blake Erickson have contributed a chapter to this book.

Weatherford, D. & Erickson, W. B. (2023). The Now-Memories: The Nostalgic Appeal of Stranger Things. In T. Langley (Ed.), Stranger things psychology: life upside-down. New York: Wiley.

Stranger Things Psychology: Life Upside-Down