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Spring 2020


In 1865, two months before the surrender of Robert E. Lee, the United States Congress passed an act that created The Freedmen’s Bureau. The Freedmen’s Bureau was set to establish programs designed to help the newly freed slaves. The programs aided in land, homes, and education programs opportunities.In the late 1860’s Rincon Street Public Colored School was established, and it was located on Rincon Street (today known as St. Mary’s Street) in San Antonio Texas. Between 1870 to 1915, the school underwent many changes, including multiple name changes and stages of expansion. Eventually, the school and its additional buildings were sold in 1913. Protest began to emerge at the idea of selling the school. The school board rejected multiple offers under the cost of building new. The Black community was completely against the sale of the school. They had no concern of money for the school. The Black community protested the sale of Douglass School because it was located centrally in downtown San Antonio and the proposed location for the new school was located on the eastside of San Antonio which made it difficult for many students to attend the only high school for Blacks in San Antonio.