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Improving Pneumonia Classification and Lesion Detection Using Spatial Attention Superposition and Multilayer Feature Fusion

ESSM: An Extractive Summarization Model with Enhanced Spatial-Temporal Information and Span Mask Encoding

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Post-scandal Organizational (Dis)order: A Grounded-Theory Approach Shifting from Murphy’s Law to Safer Regulatory Environments

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Counselors, Judges, or Executioners: The Role of Financial Analysts in Capital Markets’ Responses to Alleged FCPA Violations

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Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis of Twitter Discourse

Models versus Datasets: Reducing Bias through Building a Comprehensive IDS Benchmark

Deep Learning Modalities for Biometric Alteration Detection in 5G Networks-Based Secure Smart Cities

Public Discourse Against Masks in the COVID-19 Era: Infodemiology Study of Twitter Data

Misconfiguration in Firewalls and Network Access Controls: Literature Review