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This reflective essay focuses on Latinas and their development of leadership competencies in preparation for careers as executive leaders. The degree to which new forms of social patterns have emerged in the intersection of home and the workforce, especially for women in dual-earning-couples, is discussed. The preparation of future women executive leaders is significant not only as it pertains to issues of societal inequities experienced by women with varying degrees of educational, social, religious, political, and economic challenges, but also to female-specific leadership competencies that may pave the way for their future success.


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Murakami-Ramalho, E. (2008). La reina en la casa quiere democracia: Latina executive leaders and the intersection of home and the workforce. In D. M. Beaty, W. H. Sherman, A. J. Muñoz, S. J. Mills, & A. M. Pankake (Eds.), Women as school executives: Celebrating diversity (pp. 192-202). Austin: Texas Council of Women School Executives. Palacio, C. A. (2013).